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3 Reasons Why Your Charity Needs a Modern Website

Nov 28, 2015 by Paul

Traditionally, you might promote your charitable organization through fundraisers, printed materials and other offline methods. However, if your charity does not have a modern looking charity website, you could be missing out on a lot of ways to help your cause. Here are three things to think about when deciding whether your charity needs a new website:

1. Establish Trust With Potential Donors

Creating a good first impression with your website and providing information about your tax status and other proof that your organization is legitimate can help you establish trust among your potential donors, particularly if your charity is lesser known. Think about adding recent success stories and testimonials from the recipents of your fundraising with plenty of pictures to help tell the story.

2. Raise Awareness

Your website should be the hub of all your marketing activity to raise awareness about your cause and about your organization. Every campaign should have its own landing page on your website, so that when you link back to your website from a media release, social media campaign - or even good old fashioned fliers and vehicle signage - your visitors are taken straight to the relevant page. This is particularly important on large websites where it may be easy for visitors to get lost of confused.

For example, we designed and manage the website for the Public Place Recycling Programme. When they recently launched a new initiative to recycle plastic bags and other soft plastics, we designed and created a whole new section on the website under www.recycling.kiwi.nz/soft-plastics. All the media activity directs visitors straight to this 'soft plastics' URL and the recyling trucks have this URL on their sides:

Abilities Truck cropped.jpg

3. Raise Money

Providing ways of donating online can help you raise more money for your organisation quite easily. Just make sure that you use secure methods of collecting payments (for example using Give a Little or PayPal) to establish trust and to protect your donors' information. 

As you can see, your charity can benefit from a modern well designed website in many ways. If you are ready to build your charity's new website, contact us at Designer Websites for a no-obligation friendly chat today.

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