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3 Reasons Your School Needs a Professionally-Built Website

November 2, 2018 by kidd

If your school needs a new site, don't do it with a standard template. Custom designs attract more visitors, make update easier, and makes your school site look even better. Here are three reasons why:

1. You can fill your school website with pictures.

Your school website needs to be able to handle a lot of pictures. It is essential for every school to have an image gallery dedicated to recent pictures and events. Your directory will hold staff pictures. Your homepage also needs to keep up with feature events and celebrations within the school.

But pictures take up a lot of room. If you don't have the right infrastructure, you'll run out of space for new pictures and that can make in-house edits increasingly frustrating. Even worse, your site might have slow load times, and that makes a bad first impression with people visiting your site.

2. Your website needs to integrate securely with different tools.

Your school website isn't just a display site. It's a portal for students, teachers, parents, and school coordinators. But if the website isn't secure, you can't guarantee secure access to those platforms. When your website is handling login details for students and teachers, security is an absolute must to prevent data leaks.

More and more schools are moving everything from attendance records to special education paperwork online. A custom website can be built to purposefully include these tools and create a secure single sign-on feature that doesn't put the information at risk across multiple third-party widgets.

3. Don't worry about a page cap.

As your school grows, so will your site. A well-designed school site will need a certain number of pages detailing activities, classes, and individual teachers. A standard site can't always handle that expansion, especially if you need an accurate sitemap. But a custom-built school site can be more intuitively organized and won't limit the number of pages you can have. This makes management and archiving simpler.

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