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3 Social Media Tools for Building Awareness and Improving Client Relations

August 11, 2017 by kidd

As a non-profit or charity, building meaningful and lasting relationships with your client base is often challenging.  However, reaching out on a personal basis to boost public awareness is the key to maintaining healthy relationships and growing new networking opportunities.  Social media is a very friendly and non-confrontation way to connect with clients and improve your website's traffic flow.   


Regardless of size, every non-profit and charity should build a personal Facebook page. This simple outreach tool highlights your cause's key traits and clearly shares what makes your organization valuable. Your page allows you to give a summary of your services and provide contact information, including your website's link.  A Facebook page is also the key source for gathering new volunteers and spreading interest in your cause. As an additional perk, Facebook also provides non-profits with the intuitive tools needed to create eye-catching announcements and event information.  With over 1.8 million Facebook every a day, a Facebook page is perfect for reaching a broad sphere of future clients and partners.  


Twitter is famous for its ability to reach a huge demographic of daily visitors. "Hashtags" and re-sharing keep popular tweets and posts at the  forefront of everyone's attention.  For growing non-profits, there's no better tool for building a personal following and relationship with your client base.  Rather than creating huge advertising and awareness campaigns, start small with short and simple announcements and promotions.  Even sharing a powerful quote or meaningful message is a great way to show the organization's moral values and goals.

Weekly tweets are perfect for keeping your volunteers and clients informed of new projects and up-coming events.  To engage your client base and potential volunteers, use Twitter to ask common questions such as "How can we improve?" or "What's your favorite aspect of our organization?"  These open-ended questions are perfect for improving customer relations and building conversations. To build your website's traffic, always refer your responses back to one of your website's main pages. 


Public opinion and interest thrive on eye-catching pictures. Although many social media outlets offer picture-sharing tools, Instagram is famous for prioritizing pictures with multiple photography "filters" and re-sharing options. Throughout your week, challenge yourself to take pictures that emphasize your organization's services, goals, and overall mission. A picture tells a thousand words.  Use photos to show your audience all the small details and memories that make your project special.  Feature the top photos on your website to continue the emotional momentum. Don't be afraid to show your organization's funny side! Candid volunteer photos and happy memories are perfect for reaching out to the hearts and minds of your client base. 

Although many aspects go into using social media successfully, simply choosing the best platform is half the battle.  As you build your organization's social media foundation, invest in one or more of these top outlets today. For more information on establishing your social media presence and improving audience relations please contact us today. 

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