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4 Ways to Let People Know You Have Good Content on Your Site

August 9, 2019 by kidd

It's not enough to write great content. Great content is easy to find for almost every subject matter, and that's why there's such tight competition for those first few spots in search results. Even if you feel like your content isn't excellent quite yet, don't wait to start building your distribution channels. If you wait until you think it's perfect, you'll never get the audiences you need to keep the campaigns alive or to get great consumer feedback on your content. Here are four ways to let interested readers find your articles:

1. Just publish it and let Google go to work.

Unlike the more manual processes of the past, you don't have to go through a long list of processes to make search engines "notice" your new content. Bots will crawl and find it soon enough, and a lot of plugins or custom functions can push the content to where your readers expect to find it.

2. Bring it up on social media.

Your marketing needs a little marketing. Always let your channels know when you have fresh content for them. Do this with graphics, teaser videos, or snippets of the content on your top social media platforms. Then you can measure incoming traffic to see which social media platforms work best for different types of content.

3. Link to it on publishing channels like Quora or Medium.

Your content isn't just a one-time-only resource. Refer to it in other articles you publish off-site at sites like Quora or Medium. While these backlinks don't give your post authority like other, more substantive backlinks, it's still a great way to spread the word and gain new readers.

4. Invest in native marketing.

Services like Taboola and Outbrain turn your content into more interactive ads like slot nicely into place in news feeds and sites where interested readers can come across your material. Sometimes the best strategy for finding new readers is to use a service that can focus entirely on reaching new audiences.

Before you can start promoting your content, you need a great place to put it. Contact our team at Designer Websites when you need a new and improved site.

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