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Mobile-friendly websites: three considerations beyond responsive web design

October 14, 2016 by nayana

The main issue with many company websites is that they haven't been upgraded to be mobile friendly, which will be affecting their ranking in searches on mobile devices.

Mobile-friendly websites: Three considerations beyond responsive web designMobile friendly websites, more correctly known as 'responsive' websites adapt to whatever screen they appear on, whether it's a desktop computer monitor, tablet or smartphone screen. With this kind of compatibility, your site still looks professional and remains functional regardless of the computing device people use to access it.

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However, even if your company website is responsive, consider the following web design tips to improve its mobile-friendliness and user experience:


Make sure buttons or icons that site users have to click on aren't too small

For mobile devices, a smaller feature is harder not only to see but to tap with a finger tip. Larger features will also save users the frustration of hitting a different button than the one they intended.


Be mindful of the amount and size of text used in images

When a responsive website is viewed on a mobile device, the text will remain the same size so it can be easily read, but any images will resize in proportion to the dimensions of the mobile screen.

The can mean that any text used in images (particularly header image banners) becomes hard to read. The best approach is to use minimal or no text in images, and, if you do use any text, ensure that the text size is large enough at full size that it's still legible on smartphones.


Choose the right fonts.

Different fonts have been optimised for mobile devices (among Google fonts, these include Open Sans and Ubuntu). There are many options, and you'll have to check what looks good and reflects your business personality. Font size is another important consideration. Try not to go lower than 14 px for the body of text on your site, and at least 16 px is usually recommended.


Contact us today for advice and assistance about responsive website design. We'll help you ensure that your website looks professional and functions well on any device.

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