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Why You Should Conduct a Social Media Marketing Audit

Apr 29, 2016 by Paul

Like with one of your own paintings or written works, it's hard to remove yourself from your social media marketing campaign. You've spent so much time creating content, sharing links, and interacting with followers, that it's hard to imagine seeing your account from a fresh perspective. Why You Should Conduct a Social Media Marketing Audit

This can be detrimental to your marketing campaign and could be a sign that you're losing touch with your target audience. According to a recent Harvard Business Review article, however, you can take care of this problem by conducting an audit of your social media marketing campaign: 

"How can social media marketers keep track of what people are saying? And what strategies can be implemented to engage those consumers to influence the conversation? That’s where a careful social media audit can help. It’s a systematic examination of social data to help marketers discover, categorize, and evaluate all the social talk about a brand. This approach captures what consumers are saying about a brand, what competitors are doing on social media, and what the brand itself is doing."

The purpose of an audit is to distance yourself from your campaign so you can view it in a new light. It's supposed to help you evaluate your campaign in a systematic way, rather than relating certain aspects to your past intentions and motivations. 

Regarding social media audits, you should seek to find out what followers are saying about your business and how they're interacting with you on social media. You should also evaluate your posts based on their social signals (likes, shares, retweets, etc.) and quality. 

It probably won't shock you that many businesses are incapable of this. That's ok. It's exactly why painters, authors, and musicians like to get other opinions regarding their work. They just can't step back and objectively evaluate what they've created. 

This is where a third-party comes into play. A digital marketing agency can audit your social media campaign to give you a fresh perspective. To talk more about social media marketing, or anything else, contact us today. 

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