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Our comprehensive personalised free website audit will provide an invaluable insight into how well your website is ranking. Our website audit report will show you how your website is performing against the pesky competition and it may even identify competitors you never knew you had!

Just complete the form below and we'll run a complete, no obligation website analysis.

We'll provide you with a comprehensive website audit report which includes:

  • Website traffic analysis, including a ranking of how popular your website is compared to your competitor's websites.
  • An SEO test which shows how your pages look in Google searches, from which we can determine whether someone is likely to click on your link based on what they see.
  • A keyword analysis test to find out whether the content on your site matches the search terms people are using to find your products and services (in other words, we'll discover how easy your website is to find).
  • A website page speed test to see how quickly your website loads.
  • A summary of actions you can take to improve your website's performance (i.e. technical advice) and how to improve your website's online presence (i.e. digital marketing advice).

When we've completed your website audit, we'll send you a link to the report with no strings attached. You'll then have the opportunity to discuss the website audit with us in detail.

Note: this service is only available to New Zealand based businesses


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