Google Ads 101 - Half Day Seminar - May & September 2019

Getting Started with Google Ads

Should you be investing in online advertising with Google and what are your options?

You see the Google ads at the top of the search results page - they are often the first thing you see when you search on Google. How do you make an ad so visible? How much does it cost to be there and can you measure the return on your advertising spend? Is Google Ads the right channel for all businesses, and is it possible to run a successful campaign on a limited budget?

Our half day seminar will cover the basics of running paid advertising campaigns through the Google Ads platform and help to answer these often asked questions. So if you've thought that paid online advertising in some form could benefit your business, but you don't really know where to start, then this half day seminar is for you.

We'll de-mystify Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) and explain technical sounding terms such as 'pay per click', 'click through rate' and 'quality score'. 

We'll show you the difference between text and image based ads, (and when best to use them), how to maximise your chances of converting your advertising spend into leads and sales, and demonstrate how to measure the return on your investment. Full details below.


 Your Presenter 

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The seminar will be taken by Paul Curtis, Managing Director of Designer Websites

Paul holds a certificate of achievement for the successful completion of the Google Analytics certification exam and is also Google Ads certified.




The Details

This seminar will be run in the morning or afternoon.

* When: 15th May and 18th September 2019
Time: 9.30am - 12.00pm
* Where: Designer Websites offices @ 9/135 Cryers Road, East Tamaki, Auckland
* Cost: $55 plus GST per person 

Morning tea will be provided.

Limited places available to ensure all attendees have the opportunity to ask questions in a friendly and personable environment.

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Seminar Overview

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1. What is 'pay per click' advertising?

We'll explain what a pay per click strategy is, the objectives of advertising online, and what a paid advertising strategy could do for your business. You'll get familiar with terms such as 'pay-per-click', 'click through rate', 'quality score' and 'search vs display'. Once de-mystified, the online advertsing world starts to make a lot more sense!

2. Google's online advertising network & what the options are for your business

We'll review the various components of Google's advertising network, and help you to choose which could be best for your business depending on what you're wanting to achieve, e.g. increase brand awareness, sell products or generate leads. You'll get a sound overview of the most popular forms of Google advertising (i.e. text, images, and video) and which are best for converting sales vs building awareness.

3. Measuring return on advertising spend

We'll show you how to establish relevant goals (called 'conversions') for measuring the return on your advertising spend. Goals can take various forms, for example, revenue generated, leads acquired, or the number of times a key page is viewed. We'll also show you how you can benchmark your campiagns against your competetitors'.