Howick Lions Club

Howick Lions Club wanted to replace their outdated website with a brand new mobile-friendly site which could better promote the club's activities and events and help the club to operate more efficiently while also presenting a modern image to the local community and prospective members.

By creating a new website, the Club is now able to engage with the community far more effectively. Aside from the ability to load video, image galleries, news articles, etc., the website also allows the Club to do the following:

  • Share content on social media directly from the website and direct traffic from the Club's Facebook and Neighbourly pages back to the website.
  • Convert forms, such as donation request forms, into electronic forms for easy sharing.
  • Place 'calls to action' throughout the website, directing visitors to complete a contact form if they're interested in membership or volunteering their time
  • Measure visitor traffic to the website and build a picture of exactly how visitors interact with the website (e.g. how many visitors use the site, and which pages are the most popular).

The website also features a large Members Area which contains club resources, policies & procedures, membership contact details, club calendar, information for new members, meeting minutes, etc. This has significantly improved the club's internal communications and the efficiency of the club.


Client Feedback 

It's looking very exciting Paul and a credit to your firm. The links are good and there is plenty of variation and interest to hold people's attention once they access the site and to entice them to return soon to see what the Club has been up to. Looks totally professional and what I envisioned initially so delighted that it has come to fruition. And so quickly. 


Colin Salt

President, Lions Club of Howick


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