Domain Name Services

Among our many other talents, we're also a reseller of domain names and we're able to offer a number of domain extensions (the 'extension' is the or bit).

Domain names start from $50 plus GST per annum. It's always better to go through a reputable provider to purchase your domain name. You'd be surprised at the number of people we've spoken to who have decided to move their domain name over to us only to find it wasn't registered properly when they first bought it. We always register domain names in the client's name, not ours, so there's no quibble over ownership.

Once we've purchased your domain name, we can also set up an email account for you.


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Domain Names Extensions

We offer the following Domain extensions for registration:

Suffix Intended Use

Commercial enterprises Network systems Non-profit organisations For general use, but very uncommon Tertiary and other academic institutions Primary and secondary schools A fun Domain name for computer geeks No better way to show you’re a kiwi company!
.nz New! - skip the '.co' bit The world’s first cultural Domain
.com Commercial enterprises
.net Network systems
.org Non-profit organisations
.biz Commercial enterprises
.info Information sites
.tv Television-related sites

A Few Helpful Tips

When choosing your domain name here are a few things to consider:

  • It is recommended to have your business name as your URL
  • It’s best to keep it fairly short so that people will remember it & are less likely to type it incorrectly
  • It is recommended not to separate the words with hyphens
  • If your websites caters to the NZ market then it is advisable to have a .nz domain. If an international audience is your target then you may wish to also have a .com site as well

The inner child in you will have a good snigger at some of the 10 worst website names from Expert Reviews.

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