Additional Features

All our websites can be upgraded at any time with additional features. Below are the features we’re most often asked for.  This is by no means an exhaustive list and in fact most things are possible, you’re only really limited by your imagination!  Not all of these features come at an extra cost, so talk to us today about what you would like your website to do and we’ll take you through the options.

Take a look at our website packages.

Suggested Additional Features for all Websites

  • Search Function (comes with the Executive Website and e-Commerce Packages)
  • Blog (comes with the Executive Website and e-Commerce Packages and optional for Promote Me package)
  • Email Marketing (integrating a sign-up form on your website to your email marketing database, comes with the Executive Website and e-Commerce Packages)
  • Send to friend (allowing a visitor to your website to recommend it to someone else, comes with the Executive Website and e-Commerce Packages)
  • Polls
  • Dynamic FAQ’s (where the answers appear when you click on the question – a good idea for longer lists)
  • Discussion forum
  • Language changers (to make your website multi-lingual)
  • User’s logins (restricting access to part of your website only to certain visitors)

Suggested Social Media Features for all Websites

  • Links to your various social networking sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.
  • Facebook Social addon (showing a list of people/friends who like the site, how many likes the company has and a ‘like us’ button)
  • Twitter feed (so your recent Tweets automatically appear on your website with a ‘follow us’ button)

Suggested Additional Features for an e-Commerce Website

  • Currency converter (so your visitors can shop in their own currency)
  • Discount codes (for sales and promotions)
  • Free / add charge for gift wrapping
  • Saved account details (allowing your customers to save their previous purchase history, shipping and billing details, etc.)
  • ‘Help me’ function (providing your visitors with product ideas related to their search criteria)
  • ‘You may also like’ (providing visitors with further product suggestions related to the products in their shopping cart)
  • ‘Wish List’ (ideal for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, etc. allowing a customer to set up a list of products they would like to buy at a later date)
  • 3D product view

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